Messy Chicken Sandwiches

This isn't really a recipe - I kind of feel like I am cheating by putting this on here. But these sandwiches turned out so good that I thought someone else looking for something new might like them.


1 package of hamburger buns (I like to butter and grill them on a griddle)

2 cups of cooked shredded chicken

BBQ sauce - as much as needed to make the chicken good and moist (I used Bill Johnson's Big Apple Original for this - you don't want a real sweet one)

1 bag finely shredded coleslaw

1/2 jar of Litehouse brand coleslaw dressing (this is the best brand I promise - it is usually found in the produce section - it needs to be refrigerated)

1 bag frozen onion rings


Mix BBQ sauce with chicken.

Mix coleslaw with dressing (it may seem a little dry but as it sits it will get mushy if you use too much)

Cook the onion rings according to package directions.

Butter and grill the buns if desired.

Then layer chicken, coleslaw and onion rings on buns to make a fantastic, messy, chicken sandwich.


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